Ostracon Digital Forensics provides digital investigation, litigation support and expert witness services related to e-discovery and other aspects of electronically stored information.

We specialize in all aspects of e-discovery and electronically stored information, including data recovery and extraction, data mapping, email extraction and mapping, keyword searching, and filtering. We can analyze videos and files for authenticity. We are able to extract digital traces and information left behind in mobile phones, tablets and computers. If it plugs in, we can pull information from it.
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure now allow for the discovery of electronically stored information. The effect of these rules requires attorneys seeking electronic information to learn what to ask for and how to ask for it. Attorneys and their clients responding to requests must learn their obligations for identifying, collecting, storing and producing electronically stored information under the rules. The rules are broad, and include anything from emails to cell phone texts.

Ostracon can help attorneys better identify what information can be obtained, and can also help with finding all of that information and organizing into a more manageable format. In addition to recovering and organizing information, we can create detailed reports on our findings.
We can also help with digital forensics, which is the recovery and the investigation of information found on digital devices. We extract and organize information from computers, cell phones, and similar devices. From cell phones we are able to extract text messages, call logs, GPS location data, photos, deleted information, information stored by apps and any other information that may be available. From computers we are able to pull logs, emails and other messaging, downloads, and general history. Once we obtain the information, we can organize the data into a manageable format or report for review.
Ostracon Digital Forensics helps attorneys and their clients with all aspects of e-discovery and digital forensics. We are able to gather and organize the information that attorneys need, saving time for attorneys, and ensuring complete and accurate gathering of information.
In the world of litigation, information is king, and a company on your side that can help with e-discovery is crucial. With Ostracon on your team, you can gather, organize and best deal with the discovery of electronically stored information.

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