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In today’s digital world, digital evidence of everything you do is everywhere. From phones to computers, laptops to tablets, everything you do leaves a digital trail of evidence. Unfortunately, finding that evidence is not as easy as leaving it behind, especially when you need the evidence for a legal action. Let the experts at Ostracon Digital Forensics uncover and document the evidence you need.

Ostracon Digital Forensics helps attorneys and their clients with all aspects of e-discovery and digital forensics. We are able to gather and organize the information that attorneys need, saving time for attorneys, and ensuring complete and accurate gathering of information.
In the world of litigation, information is king, and a company on your side that can help with e-discovery is crucial. With Ostracon on your team, you can gather, organize and best deal with the discovery of electronically stored information.

There are a wide variety of reasons that you might need Digital Forensic Litigation Services. We can help you, no matter what your situation is. Our electronic discovery (eDiscovery) services help to handle the technical and strategic challenges presented by this unique type of discovery. Having Ostracon Digital Forensics on your team can vastly improve efficiency and reduce costs. Give Ostracon Digital Forensics a call so that you can better serve your clients.


Cell Phone Data Extraction

Extract from most cell phones text messages, internet histories, location data, call logs, pictures and videos, including deleted files.

Cell Phone Data Review

Create a timeline of events based on the data extracted from the phone.


Converting physical copies to digital ones. Making the documents more easily searchable.

Protecting and Safeguarding

Converting physical copies to digital ones. Making the documents more easily searchable.


Expert Services

You are still getting hundred of printed documents that you are supposed to read through. Let us make that easier by scanning in those documents and helping you find what you are looking for more easily

Forensic Review

Perform a keyword search of the indexed files and sort the files based on the search parameters that you supply. We will then create a report of the findings.

Hard-drive Imaging

We make a copy, or image, of the hard drive. We will try and recover deleted and partial files. We create a searchable index of the current files.

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